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Is redecoration after tiling usual?

Is redecoration after tiling usual?

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It’s possible that you may need to do some redecorating after tiling, such as painting. This is because the process of tiling can sometimes result in small chips or scratches to the wall, door frames and ceiling. Additionally, grouting can leave residue on adjacent surfaces especially if using darker colours.


It’s a good idea to wait until the grout has fully dried before assessing any potential damage or need for touch-ups. Once the grout has dried, inspect the area carefully and address any imperfections before proceeding with any redecorating. This may involve filling in any gaps or cracks with a suitable filler or repairing any damaged surfaces.

Planning to Decorate Before Tiling?

It’s generally recommended to paint adjacent walls and ceiling after tiling is complete.

By waiting until after the tiling is complete, you can ensure that the walls and ceiling are finished in good condition. You can also take the opportunity to touch up any areas that may have been affected during the tiling process, such as filling in any gaps or cracks.

Moreover, painting after tiling allows you to match the paint colour to complement the new tiles and grout, ensuring a cohesive look. This is especially important if you’re updating an existing space with new tiles that may not perfectly match the existing decor or colour scheme.

Overall, while it may be tempting to paint adjacent walls and ceiling before tiling for convenience, it’s generally best to wait until after tiling is complete to ensure the best possible outcome.

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