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Parquet Floor Tiling

Parquet Floor Tiling

Having booked another local tiling company who were unable to commit to the agreed date, the customer in Alveston near Bristol were looking for another local tiler who were able to step in and fit the parquet flooring so that their kitchen fit out could continue at the scheduled time. The selected commercial grade tiles were a terracotta effect porcelain, partly chosen due to being easy to clean and maintain.

An underlayment of cement based backer board was used to ensure a sound substrate prior to the tile fixing.

Challenge​, Materials & Conclusion

Brick-shaped tiles adorned three adjoining small rooms, with the stipulation that the pattern should seamlessly flow between spaces. Although the necessity for an expansion gap led to some pattern interruptions, the specification was meticulously followed. Irregularly shaped building areas demanded extra time and consideration to ensure accurate layout. The charm of the tiles’ rustic appearance with uneven sides limited spacer use, creating an additional challenge during the parquet pattern laying, largely guided by visual estimation.

The 45-degree angle of the parquet tiles to each wall required meticulous planning and execution to achieve precise room centering.

At Flex Tiling, our focus is on utilising top-tier materials for each installation. We meticulously assess project specifications to guarantee suitable product selection. Our work showcases an unwavering commitment to excellence and adherence to the highest standards of craftsmanship. This dedicated approach consistently exceeds client expectations.

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A key benefit of the parquet design lies in its capacity to visually enlarge a room. The diagonal arrangement generates an optical illusion that imparts a sense of greater space. This renders it an excellent option for compact rooms or areas where you aim to establish an atmosphere of airiness. The parquet pattern offers not only aesthetic allure but also functional benefits to your flooring.

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