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Topps Tiles to Launch Sustainable Wall Tiles

Topps Tiles to Launch Sustainable Wall Tiles

Frontier IP Group PLC announced a significant milestone achieved by its subsidiary, Alusid Ltd, as it introduces its inaugural line of commercially produced wall tiles through a strategic collaboration with Topps Tiles PLC.

Specialising in the strategic commercialisation of intellectual property, Frontier IP Group PLC revealed that Alusid Ltd has successfully unveiled its premier collection of wall tiles, meticulously fabricated from sustainable materials. This partnership with Topps Tiles PLC marks a pivotal juncture in the evolution of Alusid, showcasing its capacity to transition into large-scale manufacturing and commercial viability.

The novel range of wall tiles, now obtainable in multiple colours both online and at brick-and-mortar outlets, stands as a testament to the harmonisation of aesthetics and sustainability. The distinct feature of these tiles lies in their composition, which is predominantly derived from Alusid’s proprietary innovation, “Principle”. This formulation comprises an impressive 91% recycled industrial waste materials, effectively transforming discarded resources into a tangible and functional product.

Tim Tatlock, the Buying Director of Topps Tiles PLC, lauded the Alusid-crafted Principle range for its harmonious blend of aesthetic appeal and environmental conscientiousness. He underscored the industry-leading level of recycled content encapsulated within these tiles, affirming their pioneering status in sustainable construction materials. Additionally, Tatlock conveyed a sense of anticipation for the enduring partnership between Topps Tiles and Alusid, expressing eagerness for collaborative product innovation in the ensuing years.

Alasdair Bremner, Chief Executive Officer of Alusid, articulated the significance of the Topps Tiles launch as a watershed moment for the company. This strategic alliance propels Alusid into the realm of mass production and scalability, symbolising the fruition of extensive and industrious endeavours by the Alusid team over a protracted span of time.

In summation, the debut of the Principle tile range in collaboration with Topps Tiles signifies a remarkable leap forward for Alusid Ltd. The fusion of innovative sustainable materials, high-quality craftsmanship, and aesthetic appeal underscores the project’s success. This achievement not only reflects the efficacy of Alusid’s recycled content technology but also exemplifies Frontier IP Group PLC’s prowess in nurturing cutting-edge enterprises toward impactful commercial outcomes.

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