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What range of jobs do tilers undertake

What range of jobs do tilers undertake

Tilers are skilled tradespeople who specialise in laying tiles on floors, walls, and other surfaces to create a variety of decorative and functional finishes. Some of the common types of jobs that tilers undertake include:

Residential tiling: This involves tiling various rooms in homes, such as bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and outdoor areas like patios and decks.

Commercial tiling: This includes tiling various commercial spaces, such as restaurants, gyms, car showrooms, hotels, hospitals, schools, and retail stores.

Tile repairs: This involves repairing and replacing broken or damaged tiles in existing installations.

Waterproofing: Tilers may also undertake waterproofing work to ensure that surfaces are protected from water damage and leaks.

Mosaic tiling: This involves creating intricate designs and patterns using small tiles.

Swimming pool tiling: Tilers may also specialise in tiling swimming pools and other wet areas.

Stone and marble tiling: This involves laying tiles made of natural stone or marble to create a luxurious and elegant finish.

Tile removal: This involves removing old or outdated tiles and preparing the surface for new installations.

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