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Bathroom Tiling

Bathroom Tiling

Water ingress had emerged as a concern of this central Bristol property.

Over the course of a year, the tenants had observed and experienced a gradual deterioration in the condition of the aging mosaics, prompting them to report the issue. In response, the Landlord had undertaken measures to address the problem, resorting to the application of extra layers of silicone sealant in an attempt to address the situation. However, despite these efforts, the fundamental issue persisted, highlighting the urgency of the matter at hand.

Challenge‚Äč, Materials & Conclusion

In scenarios where water ingress is allowed to permeate through flooring and wall structures, the resultant implications are invariably far from favorable. The ensuing consequences encompass the development of mould and decay, which, if left unattended over prolonged durations, can cause significant structural degradation.

At Flex Tiling, our focus is on utilising top-tier materials for each installation. We meticulously assess project specifications to guarantee suitable product selection. Our work showcases an unwavering commitment to excellence and adherence to the highest standards of craftsmanship. This dedicated approach consistently exceeds client expectations.

The dark etched tiles provided a lavish finish with their finely crafted texture and intricate design. The detailed etching not only enhanced their visual appeal but also added a tactile quality, creating a sense of luxury and sophistication. These tiles elevated the space, adding an elegant and plush feel that spread throughout the area.

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